The Laws of Sirisola
"I accept you into my pack," said The Guardian.
"But here, you are on my lands,
and you will follow my rules."

A. Growl or attack poses may not be used to harass users whether or not they are roleplaying. If they ask you to stop using that pose you must obey the rules you signed up to and respect their space. B. Laying by another user or on top of their avatar to irritate or annoy them is not allowed. If they ask you to move then move into a free space in the room. C. Using your avatar in a sexual way or in a disturbing demeanor to harass a user is not allowed. 22. Lying about age Once you sign up you agree to put the correct birth date on your account. If you do not and you are found to be lying about your age you may be banned. It is very important to put the correct age when signing up because it can cause legal trouble for you in the future if you are found to be propositioning a minor or underage and exposed to adult content. A. If you lie about your age you are recommended to delete your account and create a new one with the correct age. B. Even ages used as a joke are not permitted such as a user claiming to be 150 years old. Joke ages are considered an excuse not to put your real age and are considered lying. Remember your age will not be able to be seen by public users, but it can be seen and trusted by administrators. C. You can post your age on your sniff, but if it does not match up with the age you signed up with you may be considered lying about your age. D. If you happen to release your real age to a user on chatlands and it is reported to an admin or seen by an admin you may be banned. E. If you are underage to be in a certain age rated room and are found to have signed up with a higher age just to get into the room you may be banned and advised to make a new account with the correct age.
If you are a victim or a witness in any of these situations, please report it to an available Administration member. Don't be shy, and don't be afraid. We are here to help you and we have the power to take action, as well as answer any questions you have. The admins are the "police" for this chat server. Do not worry if you mistakenly report something. It is better to be safe than sorry.

To get help for anything at any time, click the "Report" button on chat, and type in a short message about your problem to any Admin that is on the list. Keep scrolling text history logs (the saved sections of the scroll where the event happened), record the time, date, and the room location. If there are no Admins online, please fill out a Problem Ticket (accessible from the Map interface) and it will be dealt with in a timely manner.

"But I didn't know!" is not an acceptable excuse on Sirisola. As soon as you have registered, you have agreed to be subject to these rules as well as our Terms of Service. Before you participate in this site, you must read them all the way through. Also bear in mind that you are responsible for whatever happens on your account so keep your password a secret. If someone uses your account and gets banned, this ban will count towards you in the future - no exceptions. This includes allowing others to use your email account(s) to gain access to Sirisola. Bans can be as short as 12 hours or as long as forever depending on your behavior and counting strikes. We typically go by the 3-strike-rule, but some special people manage to earn permanent bans on their first or second try.

Chat Room Ratings: This chatland is one that has certain age ratings to accommodate many different users. When you are online on Sirisola , you will notice the names of our rooms have age ratings in them. The following list consists of the room ratings and the type of chatting allowed in the rooms. a."Room name // All" = An all age limit room. PG dialogue only. No Roleplaying. b. "Room name // RP All" = An all age limit room. PG dialogue only. Roleplay allowed. c. "Room name // RP" = A room for users to Roleplay. d. "Room name 13+" = A room for users 13 or older. PG-13 dialogue only. No Roleplaying. e. "Room name 15+" = A room for users 15 or older. More lenient with dialogue f. "Room name 18+" = A room for Adults 18 and older only. Very lenient with dialogue. Now to go into detail with each specific rating and the rules you must follow for the rooms. Remember that “I didn’t know” is not an excuse, especially for the room ratings. a. All Aged Rooms- These rooms may be used for users all ages. Users under ages 13 may go in these rooms so these rooms are kept very strict on the PG dialogue. Think of Disney movies to compare the dialogue, it must be appropriate for users who are under the age of 13, and no matter how old everyone is in the room you must abide by the PG rating in these room period. This type of room does not allow roleplay ing of any sort, so that users who do not roleplay can enjoy their time on the chatland. Roleplayer’s please respect that and move to a designated roleplay room b. All Aged RP rooms- Same rules apply for this type of room as for room “a”. PG dialogue only, But the only exception is that roleplaying is allowed in this room. Please make a note that roleplaying still must abide by rule number 17 . c. Roleplay room- A room users can roleplay in. But must abide by the age limit rules as well. d. Rooms for users 13+ have to be thirteen or older to enter the room and use PG-13 dialogue. To know what is appropriate, try comparing your chatting with that in shows you may have seen, such as The Simpson’s. This is the behavior we expect in rooms rated 13+. Illegal Drug and sexual references may not be used; which will be covered in more detail later on this page. e. Rooms for users 15+ are for users who are of the age 15 or older. PG-13 rules still apply but you can be more lenient with your language in this room. Slight cussing is permitted but you may never cuss AT another user or about another user. It is against the rules and will be explained further later on. Illegal drug and sexual references may not be used. f. Rooms for users 18+ are for adults only from age eighteen up. Rules for cussing is very lenient in these rooms, but still must adhere to not cussing at or about another user. Illegal drug and sexual references may not be used. There will be no R rated dialogue in these rooms that include the following; cybersex (yiffing), illegal substances, talking of weapons in a threatening or violent manner, etc. Remember that these rules apply to all rooms whether or not everyone is comfortable about the subject or if they are old enough, for example; everyone in an all aged room is over the age of fifteen but wants to use PG-13 dialogue. No not allowed. You must adhere to all rules all the time for every room rating. If you ever have a question or would like a deeper explanation of what any of the ratings mean for the rooms ask an admin, we will kindly answer it for you the best we can or guide you to a source that can. Thank you.

Terms of Use: By using this website you agree to the terms of service described in this document.

Without further ado, here are the RULES:

A. Harassment

1. General Harassment

"To irritate or torment persistently." Harassment covers a broad area. Harassment can be (but is not limited to): cursing, name-calling, sexual innuendoes, sexual harassment, racial slurs, bashing, stalking, or anything else one person can do to annoy another. A. Cursing. Cursing may not be used AT another user in any way, on chat or in a sniff; may not be used for the purpose to make another user feel threatened, upset, aggravated, angry, degraded, etc. B. Name-Calling. This partially goes with cursing, but includes words that can torment users that are not considered cursing. Any negative words, even if they are not curse words, that can be used to make a user feel uncomfortable or irritated is constituted as a form of harassment. C. Sexual Innuendos. Any sexual innuendos used towards another user can be considered harassment. D. Sexual Harassment. Admins will not be lenient on users who are sexually harassing another user. Any sexual slander towards a user is sexual harassment and this chatland has zero tolerance for it. This includes using avatars in a sexual way towards another users avatar, sexualizing someone’s avatar, calling users sexual names, asking users to do sexual actions with you or your avatar etc. E. Racial Slurs. Racial slurs include any prejudice or stereotypical comments that degrade a race. F. Bashing. Bashing is the public ranting of a subject, usually focused on a group or race. This includes but is not limited to sexual orientations, gender, race, job, sports teams, etc. We have zero tolerance for bashing on this chatland as it disturbs the peace in a way that creates fires in rooms easily. Sharing opinions on a subject is not against the rules, but if you are being completely negative, irrational, and instigating arguments then it is considered bashing and a form of harassment. G. Stalking. This is when a user continually follows another user around the rooms on the chat, sits on or next to their avatar, sends them messages, or calls them in a room, when the other user does not permit it. If a user asks you to stop the behavior and considers it stalking, you must stop. If a user considers you to be stalking, you are breaking the rules and harassing another user. H. Anything else that upsets a user in any way or hurts them emotionally is harassment. If your behavior doesn’t fall under the categories above, but it is still upsetting users, you can still be written up and banned for harassment.

2. Begging

The soliciting of funds, favors or items (artwork, poses etc.) is not allowed. Begging in the public rooms and/or continuous and repeated solicitation is a type of harassment and could get you kicked from the chat. A. Asking users for deltas/money in public. The act of asking users for deltas or currency in any form is not allowed on chat. You cannot come into a room and ask for deltas or try and get deltas out of people by begging, pretending you don’t have any, asking users, etc. You may not set up donation pools on chat or on the forums. This is a form of panhandling and must stay off of chat. B. Asking users to make poses or art for you is another form of begging. Do not ask an artist to make you art or beg them to make you art in any way. This includes poses, rooms, etc. C. Selling items in public rooms to the point of harassment. If you are selling deltas, poses, items, etc. and it is to the point of irritating other users, it is begging and is not permitted. D. Begging users to join your pack/clan/or roleplay group is not allowed to the point of irritating other users. If you do ask users to join your roleplay group please do so in designated roleplay rooms only, and make sure you are not disturbing users, stalking, or harassing them in any way. E. Other forms of begging may not be listed. If you are written up for begging and it is not listed in the above categories you may still be warned or banned.

3. Spam

This can be movement and/or text. Clicking all over the screen may slow down some people's connections. Typing nonstop is also known as "flooding" and it fills up the scroll bar, which is highly annoying to others. There is no specific limit about how much you can use capitals, but be aware that in online-lingo, it is considered "yelling", and if you do it constantly, it will constitute spam. A. Movement. Continually changing poses in a public room or moving your avatar around the room in a frantic manner can be considered spam. It may not do any damage to your computers processing but some users computers may be slow at processing the movements on chat and can make their chat lag. B. Typing. Typing non-stop sentences or random words can be considered spam. Long strings of words, punctuation, capitals, music lyrics, or anything else not suitable for conversation is spam. Picture words are also considered spam, such as random symbols that when pasted into chat make a picture.

4. Death & Suicide Threats

We have absolutely zero tolerance for death threats. Talking about killing, how to kill, threatening someone with murder, or anything of that sort is not allowed. This rule still applies to the RP (role-play) rooms. We also ask that you not talk about causing self-harm on the chat: it can really affect other people emotionally, often due to personal experiences in their lives, and though it may seem callous, we need to watch out for everyone. These are the minimum ban lengths you will incur for the following death threat scenarios:
3 days to a Week for Roleplay based death Threats in a Roleplay or Private room
1 Month for Roleplay based death threats outside of a Roleplay or Private room.
A permanent ban will be placed if the death threat is not felt to be of a Roleplay like nature.
A. Suicide threats. Any suicide threats in public chat or on users sniffs are not allowed. That includes apps/images that include suicidal subjects, the talk of harming yourself, talk of lethally harming yourself; in any abstract or tangible way. B. Death threats. Using a death threat towards another user is not allowed. It does not matter if they upset you or you do not like the user. We have many ways to avoid users, such as the ignore button, or simply reporting them to an administrator. You cannot use death threats or threats that talk about physically harming another user or subject. C. RP death threats. Death threats in the roleplay environment are not allowed, for example, violent roleplaying, battles, killing other users roleplay characters, having kill lists on your sniff, following users around to kill them in a roleplay manner, etc.

5. Virus & Hacker Threats

We have absolutely zero tolerance for any kind of threat of sending viruses or hacking. Don't talk about hacking, share tricks or links, or have anything to do with it. Threats directly against the site are taken extremely seriously. Special consequence for Virus & Hacker Threats: Instant permanent ban. a. Hacking into a users account. If you threaten to hack into a users account, or have hacked into a users account this is breaking the rule of hacking and you will be banned on the spot. b. Hacking the chatland. If you threaten to hack the chatland you can get into legal trouble easily. This is a crime and will not be swept under the rug. Remember we have zero tolerance for hacking threats. c. Virus threats. If you threaten to send a virus to a user or to the site you will be banned permanently. d. Links. Any links to malware or a virus is not allowed. Links to a site where you can obtain a users credit card information, social security number, etc. are not allowed. This is highly illegal! And we will not hesitate to take legal action against you.

6. Propositioning Minors

Sirisola makes every effort to keep its chat environment enjoyable and safe for all users that visit. Sirisola has a lot of younger members, and as such, WE WILL NOT TOLERATE ANY type of illegal enticement of minors AT ALL.

This includes but is not limited to:

Offering minors drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, sex, cybering, yiffing - this includes role play.

Important Information Regarding Propositions to a Minor:

(1) If you proposition a minor to participate in any illegal activity, you will be permanently banned from all Chatlands sites, not just this one. Instances of propositioning minors will be reported to the appropriate Internet Service Provider (ISP) and/or legal authority.

(2) As a reminder: by your act of participating in, you have already agreed to abide by our rules and you have already agreed to our terms of use. Any evidence of unlawful acts taking place on Sirisola will be turned over to the appropriate ISP as well as possible law enforcement.

(3) If we have a reasonable suspicion that any involvement with a minor is unethical in our sole judgment, WE WILL BAN YOU, without warning, even if this situation occurs in a "role play" or "pretend" atmosphere.
(4) If you lied about your age when signing up to seem younger or older than you are, and you are accused of propositioning a minor you will still be banned. We have no tolerance for such illegal behavior.
Please Remember: The Sirisola administration cannot be everywhere at once, so it is up to YOU, as a user, to report any suspicious activity to the Sirisola administration team quickly. We will follow up all allegations as soon as we can, and we will take necessary and appropriate action as required.

Important note: If an incident happens outside of Sirisola, on systems over which Sirisola admins, and/or wunderwood LLC, have no control (for example: if the users are communicating via instant messengers such as MSN, AIM, YIM, or perhaps via an email messages on,, etc), we aren't able to help. If you are a child and you have a problem, WE STRONGLY ADVISE that that you notify your parents or other responsible adult and get their help. They should contact those responsible for the service (such as AOL for AIM messenges, Microsoft for type emails, Google for type emails, etc). Be sure to save all information and any history of the problem, as this will help the authorities as they work to solve this problem.

As always, WE STRONGLY ADVISE everyone: do not give out personal contact information such as phone numbers, street address, real life names or the name of your school, any information that helps someone else you met online locate you in real life. No exceptions.

7. Harassing an Administrator

Everyone deserves respect, of course, but these guys pitch in a little more than your average user. They accept the job knowing that they may make mistakes, that they may face constructive criticism, and that they take on these extra responsibilities without pay. You also accept the responsibilities as a member, knowing that the Administration is not perfect. Do not tell an Admin that "they suck", or how bad they are at their job. Do not beg for your poses to be accepted, or yell at an Administrator for banning you or someone you know. Do not constantly ask how to become an Admin or ask to be made an Admin. Do not harass them openly in any way. If you have a problem with how a Sirisola Admin has handled a situation, or with some other aspect of their behavior, please fill out a Problem Ticket, or get in contact with a Alpha.
a. Calling admins names or cussing at an administrator is not allowed. They are here to help and it is not appropriate to call them names. You may not cuss at an admin or call them rude obscene things. Do not try and purposely upset an administrator by talking to them in a negative way. This includes anything said on chat, in a message, on the forums, or on your sniff. b. Never beg for your poses to be accepted, this goes along with the begging rule. It is considered harassment towards an administrator. It can take us a day or so to accept a pose or room sometimes. Please be patient and wait instead of begging an administrator. This includes indirect behavior that indicates you want your poses to be accepted such as, “I wonder when my poses will be accepted”, or “I wish my poses could be accepted”, or “It has been taking a long time for my poses to be accepted”. This behavior is considered harassment if you continuously do it in public rooms or are calling/messaging an administrator. c. Do not beg to become an administrator. This also goes along with the begging rule. This is a form of harassing admins. We will let you know on the homepage when we will be opening for administration applications. If you are found to be begging to become an administrator you will be rejected if you apply. You might also be written up or banned if you are continuously harassing in this form. d. Any other form of harassment towards an administrator may get you a warning or a ban. This includes harassment with your avatar, in private messages, problem tickets, etc.
See the Problem Solving instructions at the end of these rules.

8. Trolling on Other Chatlands� Sites

If you go on any Chatlands site (Cats Paw Island, Myriad, Lupinar , etc.) for the purpose of harassing, disrupting, disturbing the peace, or trolling, the punishment is a minimum of a one week ban from ALL Chatlands� sites, not just the one where the incident took place. Any attempt to deliberately cause strife or to disrupt others on any Chatlands� site is treated as an attack against all Chatlands� sites. Trolling is the act of “making a deliberately offensive or provocative online posting with the aim of upsetting someone or eliciting an angry response from them.” It can be included as harassment in some cases and we have no tolerance for it. If you want to come onto chatlands to purposely disrupt users then you are trolling. Trolling is when you deliberately try to cause chaos in public chat and you don’t wish to peacefully chat and actually use chatlands for it’s intended purposes. We do not accept this behavior and extreme cases may get you permanently banned on your first try.

9. False Reports

Falsely reporting another user is completely unacceptable. If you file a report against a user, and we determine that it is not true, you will receive a warning, or if serious enough, a temporary ban. If you do this multiple times, you will receive a temporary ban from the chat as a result. A. Purposely trying to get a user in trouble is not allowed. If you try to instigate problems to try to get a user into trouble, or if you try to get them to break a rule, and you report them, you can get a ban. B. If you purposely make a fit out of something a user did and cause an argument or disruption on chat and report the user and you wrongly accused them, you may be banned. C. If you harass a user by mini-modding in a degrading or condescending way whether or not they have or have not broken a rule you will be warned, and possibly banned. D. If an admin is handling a situation publicly and you are harassing the trouble-maker, calling them out, making negative comments, you will be warned, and can be banned. Administrators are there to handle situations and will need no help from anyone but other chat administrators. Even if you are an administrator on another site, leave it to the administrators to take care of the problem. E. Multiple cases of you falsely reporting a user in these ways may get you banned. F. If you need to report a user but don’t know if they broke a rule or not, please send an admin complete logs (chat conversation) that you copied and any other evidence that might be able to explain what happened. It is not against the rules to report users for something they did, but it is against the rules if you are taking it into your own hands in a way that is causing a fire with the user, or if you are harassing the user. The best way to report someone is to gather the information and leave the possible rule-breaker be until an admin can determine if they are indeed breaking the rules . Once determined if the user is breaking the rules, an admin will come into the room or talk to the user privately and solve the issue. There is no need for you to scold a user if an administrator is present and often times it can cause a bigger problem.

10. Ban Hopping

If you are currently banned from the chat site, and you try to access the chat on another account, this is called ban hopping. Doing so will cause that account to be banned as well. Every time you do this, your ban time will increase. This can eventually lead to a permanent ban if you do it too many times. A. If you are currently banned from Sirisola and you use another account to get online this is considered ban hopping. You will be banned again and possibly for a longer time. If this happens twice you will be permanently banned. B. Using a friends/siblings account to access the chat when you are banned is also considered ban hopping and the same consequences will happen. Your friends/siblings account will also be banned. C. Making another account to sneak past your ban is prohibited. Same consequences will happen. D. Pretending to be someone else but having the same email, similar username, or same IP address will also get you banned if we find out you are ban hopping.

11. Account Responsibility

You are responsible for everything that happens on your account, whether or not you did it. If someone accesses your account and they get a warning or a ban, it will count against you as though you did it. If a banned user accesses your account and gets it banned as well, it will stay banned at the same length of time as their account, even if it is a permanent ban. If this should happen, you may submit a problem ticket to inform us that this is the case, and we will keep it in mind for future reference, so we don't base any possible future bans you may receive off of the other users issues. Keep in mind that if you try to access the chat on another account, it will still be considered ban hopping, and will be enforced as per the rules above. A. Passwords. Never give out your password to anyone. Siblings, family, or friends. If they access your account and break a rule, it is on you. We will treat it the same as if it was you. There is no excuse, no “but my brother did it”, it is your account and your responsibility. You will have to serve the ban on that account no matter who did it. B. Emails. We advise that you do not share emails with a family member or friend to make accounts. We will see it as you if they share your email and may ban all accounts with that email. C. IP address. Remember you may share an IP address with other users in your household. If there is an IP address ban on your IP, all users with that IP will also be banned.

12. Using your Avatar to harass other users

Using poses like "Attack" and "Growl" for instance to harass other users, meaning disturbing them or playing with them against their will, is not allowed. Poses can be used for fun in any rooms, public or RP, and as much as you like, but they are not there to deliberately disturb other users. Remember to respect the space of others.

B. PG-13 Rating Clarification

13. Cursing and Language

In general, you can use a couple of the lighter words a few times. Be extremely sparing with your harsh swears. Twice is too many. Do not swear AT people. Excessive swearing can get you kicked from a room and/or banned. A. Swearing at other users or about other users is not allowed at all, as said in previous rules. B. Use swearing in rooms appropriate for it, more information about swearing is in the room ratings rules. C. It is suggested to use positive language on chat that will not offend other users. On Sirisola we try to keep a peaceful atmosphere and sometimes language loaded with negativity can be distasteful to other users and may start arguments.

14. Drug Advertisement

Chatting about legal substances is allowed (ex: forms of alcohol, cigarettes). Talk of illegal or prescription drugs for informational purposes is also allowed (ex: This illegal drug has many side effects.) Any talk of illegal or prescription drugs in an un-tasteful manner is not allowed. (ex: Oh man. That -insert drug here- was so good. I got so wasted last night.) A. Talking of any illegal substance, such as performing illegal acts with those drugs, is not allowed. Talking about the devices or ways to use these drugs is not allowed either. If you are talking about you doing illegal substances yourself, it is considered breaking this rule. B. Talking about alcohol in a manner that is inappropriate or getting online and proclaiming you are ‘drunk’ or ‘wasted’ is not allowed. You will not get any lenience if you break any rules on this page and use the excuse that you were ‘drunk’. C. More specifics about the rooms you may talk about legal substances in, is in the room ratings portion of this page.

15. Sexual Content

Sexual slang is not to be heard at all in a sexual context, and minimally in general. Do not be graphic. "Cybering" or "yiffing" (role-playing sexual acts) is to be kept to a whisper or private rooms. Mimicking sexual positions with your poses is also severely frowned upon, and is not allowed in public rooms. A. This can be interpreted as harassing in many forms. But even if a user is okay with this behavior, it is not allowed at all in publics rooms. You may not call users sexual slangs, talk about sexual acts in a public room, or sexually harass anyone. B. ‘cybering’ or ‘yiffing’ is the act of using roleplay to do sexual acts is not allowed in public rooms at all. This goes with propositioning a minor, and will not be tolerated as it is a legal issue. These acts must be kept behind closed doors, and dialogue of this kind will not be allowed in public rooms or on users sniffs. C. Any sexual content on a users sniff is not allowed. If present on your sniff, you will be warned, and if you do not comply it may be removed off your sniff and you may be banned. D. Mimicking sexual positions with your poses is not allowed in public rooms; also images of you mimicking sexual positions with your poses on your sniff are not allowed. You will be warned if this content is found on your sniff, and banned if it is not removed. E. Any sexual images/gifs found on your sniff will be removed, and may result in a ban. This includes but is not limited to, porn, nude ‘selfies’, images showing excess cleavage or skin in a sexual way, etc. F. Distributing links to porn, nude ‘selfies’, or images showing excess cleavage or skin in a sexual way is not allowed on chatlands.

16. Private Rooms

In your room, be it temporary or permanent, you are your own Alpha, and you can pick your own rating and you can kick out whoever you want for whatever reason. In someone else's room, you are subject to their laws. If you don't like someone's rules in their room, just go somewhere else. If they are violating one of the special consequence rules, such as a death threat, a hack threat, or propositioning a minor, you should report the violation to an Administrator immediately. A. Must abide by the rooms rules if you wish to enter. If you are kicked from a room and you re-enter and are not wanted, you are harassing the users and disobeying the rules of their room. You have to listen to their rules. If the users in the room are harassing you, calling you names, cussing at you, giving you death threats, etc. Then please report it to an administrator so we can take care of the issue. B. Private rooms may include ‘yiffing’ or ‘cybering’, cussing, and sexual conversations that may not be appropriate for some users. Please remember this if you enter a private room, these actions might take place and it is your responsibility to leave the room if you are uncomfortable. C. As the owner of a private room you can set your own customization on it by typing !edit when you are in the room itself; or through the map when you go to your custom rooms. D. Room hosts are administrators that will host a private room of theirs to you. For more information and rules about this go to this link

C. Other

17. Role-Playing

We are not going to discriminate against you for RP'ing and jump on you at the mention of "mates", but do not assume everyone wants to RP with you. Asking people repeatedly "Will you be my mate?" constitutes harassment; Asking someone multiple times to "be your mate"/"be in your pack", asking random users these types of things, or entering a room and asking if anyone wants to "be your mate"/"join your pack" etc, is not allowed. Having said that, if you are talking quietly with "your mate" about "your pack / pups / whatever" that is fine, as long as you do not disturb other users in this public room that are not interested in role play. Please note: We have a few rooms that are specifically set up for hopeful RP'ers to meet and interact with others sharing a common interest in role play. You will also discover several private rooms in the islands or mysts that are set up for (and interested in) role play. Outside of those types of rooms, do not bother other people and they shouldn't bother you either. Please refrain from full RPing in all other public rooms and remember, again, that Sirisola does not consider itself to be a role play site aside from those specific RP rooms designated for role play. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
Example of Full RP'ing:

"She came home after a long hunt, tired and weary, happy to see the rest of her pack."
"He rushed over and nuzzled her, happy she was back." Simple acts like “hums” or “hugs my friend” in a non-roleplay manner are okay in public rooms as long as it is not essesive.

18. Art Theft

Please see the Art FAQ for further explanation. Art Theft is taken very seriously on Sirisola. This includes using a pose on this chat when the artist has made it public they do not wish their work to be used here, modifying poses that the artist has asked not to be messed with, uploading work that is not your own without the artist's permission, and more. If you ever have a question regarding the rights of a pose, please contact a member of the Art Staff. Special consequence for Art Theft:
3 day ban for First Offense
2 week ban for Second Offense
Permanent ban for Third Offense
A. When uploading art into the uploader you have to have permission for the art directly. You have to provide a link to the original work to show you have the right to upload it. The artist themselves must say you can use it for this chatland, or that it is a custom or premade you may use. If you are found to continuously uploading work that you do not have permission for you may be banned. B. All art uploaded on your sniff must abide by this rule. If you pretend to be a user with a certain character, and you are found not to be that user and are using their characters art on their sniff, you will be banned. That is not only art theft, but identity theft of another user. You cannot pretend to be another user to use the art they have. If you are using art on your sniff that you do not have permission to use you will be warned and even banned if it is not removed asap. C. If you are selling/showing art on the forums or chat that is not yours and you are claiming it to be yours you will be banned from the forums and Sirisola. D. You must abide by the terms of service (ToS) of all artists. Please read every artists ToS for the art you want to upload into the uploader, link on chat, put on your sniff, use on the forums, etc. If these rules are not followed you may be banned, and the artist themselves may take legal action against you. This goes along with selling /trading characters, using poses, rooms, any art, etc. E. You cannot make profit off of the artwork of others if you do not have permission. Such as selling custom art/characters of someone elses character, taking someone elses premades and selling them yourself, or claiming you made the art of another person in any way and getting a profit from it. This includes links from Deviantart or other art gallery sites that show you are claiming the work of another user to sell on chatlands or to chatland users. F. If you think someone is breaking this rule, please report it to an administrator immediately with evidence of your case. We will try to figure out the situation promptly and get justice for the artist if indeed the user was breaking the art theft rule.

19. Multiple Accounts

Multiple accounts in the same room controlled by the same person are not allowed. You can pay for as many as you want and different family members may have their own account but if we learn you are logging into the same room with multiple accounts all of the accounts will be banned. Administrators are trained to find out users who are using multiple accounts in rooms and it is fairly easy for them to spot users breaking this rule. A. Do not log into the same room on chat with one or more accounts of yours. It is against the rules because it ‘hogs’ space that other users can use. Imagine a room where one user is taking up six spots with six accounts and the room’s capacity is ten. That means only four more people can get into the room and one person took six spots. Technically only five people are in the room when ten are allowed. This is considered selfish by many users who might want to enter the room to chat. B. If you are caught using two or more accounts in the same room and you claim you are not, you will be asked to provide proof. If you are not able to provide proof you may be kicked or banned. C. You will get three warnings to remove your accounts from the room, if you do not comply you will be kicked. If this continues you may be banned.

20. Disturbing the Peace

Generally, "Disturbing the Peace" might mean many things, but on Sirisola it means behaving in ways that are deliberately upsetting or unsettling to people within the community, deliberately causing emotional grief, or trauma. Now, this may not be a crime, but it is taken very seriously here. An example of "disturbing the peace" would be faked reports of deaths, suicides, car accidents, abductions, etc. So, don't go around telling deliberate lies in order to cause commotion. Not only is it rude, it may also get you banned. Disturbing the peace may also be anything that disturbs the peaceful atmosphere of the chat or the rooms and can often fall under harassment. On Sirisola we are based off of a land of serenity and paradise, and if your behavior does not follow that basis you will have consequences.

21. Links to Inappropriate Content

As a service to our users, the Sirisola chat software automatically converts web addresses that are typed in as "speech" into clickable links. These web links open up a new browser window and display the content found at that web address. These links are typically for sites that are external to this website and are thus not under the control of wunderwood LLC. Please note that wunderwood LLC is not responsible for any content displayed when a link takes you to an external website.

Any user who enters a link to a page with pornographic images, outwardly racist content, a "shock site", extreme violence, or a site designed to affect computer performance in a negative way, may be permanently banned without warning. Sirisola has a very small "black list" of websites, should any website on this list be posted in a public or private room an immediate system placed permanent ban will be placed on your account.

Additionally, any user posting a link with excessive gore, sexually explicit content, or any otherwise offensive or inappropriate content content, in a public room or in their sniff, may be banned. This includes any links to flashing scare images, or loud noises meant to frighten users. These bans usually begin at a 2 week length but can be higher if the content of the link is extreme enough. If you have any doubts about a particular link, DO NOT POST IT ON Sirisola.

We reserve the right to judge instances where inappropriate content is linked in public or private rooms on a case-by-case basis.
A. Links to any sexually explicit language, acts, or images will result in a ban. This includes but is not limited to music videos, posts on social media, porn websites, etc. B. Any links on chat or in sniffs that have scare images, loud startling sounds, or flashing images will not be tolerated. These can cause a danger to users who may have epilepsy and to those easily upset by scary images. It breaks the rule of harassment and may also disturb the peace if it unsettles users. C. Any content that is racist, stereotypical, violent, or completely R rated is not allowed. D. Any links to malware, virus, or hacking websites is not allowed, more detail is in the rules about hacking and virus threats on this page.

Feedback & Problem Solving Strategies

Feedback is always welcome! All we ask is that you be polite and respectful, and we love it especially when solutions are suggested along with a problem. The Administration is trying to make sure everyone has a pleasant chatting experience, and the decisions we make are always made with the users' best interest in mind. The users do not vote or have an official say in the making of rules, but I can promise you that your feedback weighs in heavily on our decisions and we need that feedback in order to know what you want and how you feel about things.

ALL ban lengths mentioned in the above sections are non-negotiable. Each incident that falls under those categories are all treated the same, no matter how simple or extravagant the incident may have been.

These rules are subject to change, with or without notice. While we will make an attempt to notify of changes (via the forum or login page), we cannot guarantee notification. It is your responsibility to check for updates.

D. Problem Solving Strategies for Sirisola (by Underdog)

"I want to take a minute to explain how I expect members of Sirisola to approach problems with another user, whether that other user is a Subordinate, Gamma, Beta or Alpha... The goal is to try and keep the public forums clear of the acrimony that plagued the previous two incarnations of Sirisola. I want to make these suggestions:

"1. When you have a problem with some other user, first you need to send a message to that person explaining yourself. Avoid sarcasm or other things that would add more "heat than light". State your case plainly and politely. If someone has done you an injustice, make it clear why you feel that way, but do not make things more complicated by attacking back. Resist the temptation to "tell them off". Try to resolve the problem in a private message.

"2. If you are unable to resolve the problem by working directly with the other person, you should escalate it to someone of higher rank. So, for example, if you are a Subordinate and you are having problems with another Subordinate, send a private message to a Gamma about it, or speak with them privately.

"3. If escalating to the next level doesn't work, continue to escalate. There's no reason why you have to go through each level, but try to if you can. If all else fails, please do not hesitate to contact me (or another Alpha) directly about problems with an administrator. Be aware that I want to think highly of my team, but that doesn't mean that they are infallible.

"4. The main goal is to try to resolve problems without turning it into a public argument. For what it's worth, any time that I see a PUBLIC discussion of some problem that should have been handled in PRIVATE, I tend to be strongly biased against the public debate. So, it serves your purpose to avoid airing "dirty laundry" in public. This means, be discreet and private. PM the Alphas, rather than post a negative topic.

"5. If all else fails, and you have moved up the ladder and STILL don't have a fair resolution, then by all means you are free to take it public. You could have done it all along, of course. But keep in mind that I am not going to cave in to mob rule. I am the Alpha at Sirisola. What I say is final. I want to keep people happy, but I am going to do what I feel is right, regardless of any public vote.

"I believe that one of the root causes of the collapse of the previous two incarnations of Sirisola had to do with arguments on public forums. I do not want to eliminate those, but I want them to be a last resort. Thanks for helping me reach that goal."


Thank you for participating in our site and happy chatting!

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