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<b>We are a chat with rooms ranging from all ages to 18+, 50+ pose sets, 50+ rooms, re-opened since October 1st 2014!</b><br><br>Sirisola is a land hidden in the milky depths of the cosmos, appearing to lost travelers, who wandered far enough that the constellations they once knew have been passed and unfamiliar new stars take their place.
All that was once known is gone and a new world awaits refugees from other lands. The skies of Sirisola appear and through the clouds a chain of islands awaits. Secluded far away from the troubles in their homeland, travelers and adventurous creatures from all over the universe search for this place of serine beauty and ancient mystery.
Here a new culture was formed from the lost and forgotten, a new language, and the islands filled with species of all sorts, and new species evolved as well. A being said to be born from the stars, to guide the dwellers of Sirisola, lies deep in the rain-forests, elusive. Only to appear to those who are truly in need of his help or guidance.
There whenever the Sirisolans are in a crisis. His powers can heal, mend souls, and bring new life to this world, and he is the head of the Gods. His name is Sirius, a starry eyed leopard that stalks silently in the dim lit undergrowth. Holding the sheer power that the stars posses.
-Sirisola has opened since October 1st 2014
-Administration Applications are Closed.
-Team Applications are Closed until further notice. Many users seem to be confused on what our team applications are and we will be revamping the application and making it more understandable. We have no need for team members at this moment. (Event committee, Technical Team, Communications, and art) these all have no admin rank and are a volunteer job to the Sirisola community.

Site News and Updates
-We have over50+ beautiful rooms available to our users and over50+ pose sets (set on the free subscription level) on Sirisola. We also have a few large animal pose sets on the basic sub level.
-We do allow roleplay and chatting in all rooms on Sirisola which range from all ages to 18. Go here for our room rating rules.

-If you are under the age of 13 you need your parents/guardians permission to log onto Sirisola and you have to sign up with your parent/guardians email. We are a website that follows COPPA laws and will enforce them on Sirisola. If you are under the age of 13 please have your parent/guardians email Bluuwynter@gmail.com or encryptedsins@gmail.com to let us know you have permission. Thank you.

-New Pose Sets:
Gargoyle Dragons~4/5/16
Betta Fish
Woodland Kirin
Hyena (update)~8/9/15
-New Rooms:
Kracken Depths
Interstellar Lagoon
Splendid Riverbed
Summer Skywatch (made by Kasatka)

Events and Contests

-Weekly Drawings
every Saturday

Important Links
Sirisola Forums
Fundraiser Premades
Winter Premades 2014
Winter Premades 2015
Premade Pose sets
Info Topic
Deviantart Group
Sirisola Rules
Sirisola Art Rules

Sirisola Administration Team
-Here we would like you to meet the Team that has been putting together Sirisola. If you have any questions or concerns contact one of us and we would be glad to help you or point you in the right direction. We are very friendly so don't be afraid to come and chat with us C:
The Team
Bluu (Alpha & Owner), Bloodiath (Alpha & co-owner), Jess (Beta & co-owner), Vermin (Beta), Beek (Beta), GingerCookie (Gamma), Clason (Gamma), Kaname (Gamma), Xutaes (Gamma), Zelti (Gamma)


Sponsored Chats
-Sirisola would like to help bring the chat community closer together by sponsoring some of our neighboring chats. Many chats are struggling for subscribers, members, and be a welcoming place for users. Here are a few chats that Sirisola found very people friendly.

Crystalin Forest and Heitehu

What is the purpose of Sirisola?
The first purpose of Sirisola is to create a peaceful chat based around freedom and acceptance. A safe haven away from the bustling world where we may not fit in, and where we have daily conflicts. Here the administrators accept users for all that they are and we try to keep the chatland a place of serenity and peace. By basing the chatland off of the concept of a lost land that can only be found by those who need it, we have created a place of escape from the troubles of daily life, and we try to show that through the way we treat the users of the chat. Here the skies will open up to those who are lost in their sorrows and swallow them into our world of crisp waters, quiet beaches, and lush forests. Those who do not respect our peaceful lands can be banished by the gods.

Secondly we want to recognize species that struggle on Earth and bring awareness to the destructive nature of human beings. Sirisola is not only an island escape for our users, but we have a fictional story that revolves around creatures from all corners of the Universe finding refuge in our lands. We hope to open the eyes of our fellow earth dwellers to the beauty of extint creatures that once roamed the lands of our blue planet. Dinosaurs, prehistoric creatures, alien lifeforms, and current earth species all inhabit Sirisola, all somehow driven away from their homelands, and finding a new home on our islands.

Featured Artists -These people have donated/offered their artistic talents or pieces to Sirisola and we appreciate them greatly. Without them the chat would have never been able to be put together.

AirBrushedWolf, Nothofagus-Obliqua @DA, Guiltytestament @DA, Labinnak @DA, Siarshai @DA, Hanjianhao @DA, Whiteligtning @DA, Creetodon @DA, Sketcheth @DA, Celleno @DA, UKthewhitewolf @DA, Hanjianhao @DA, ScarlettFeather @DA, Infamous-Killjoy @DA, JKRoots @DA, Sunima @Da, Altalamatox @DA, DeliriousStudios @DA, JoshuaDunlop @DA, Devinital @DA, GreyKitty @DA, Jasper-19 @DA, RocWulf @DA, Maytitan, Bloodiath, Bluu, Rajani, Rahvi, SideKick, Sippet, ThunderRoll, CoonPelt-DA, Kasatka and soon to be many more.

(If you donated/made art for Sirisola please let us know if you're not listed here, thank you.)

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